What is your definition of a good film ?

What is your definition of a good film ?

We may like or dislike film by watching it but what according to you is an ideal film ? Should it have a purpose ? What should a film aim for ? An engaging experience or mindless entertainement or both ? Does it need to have moral conscience or obligations ?

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  1. A good film for me is which engages with me emotionally and mentally while i am watching it and more importantly it leaves me pondering for quite sometime after its over.

  2. The first thing it needs to do is be immersive or at least make me feel the way it intended…that’s kind of a guessing game but instinctively you just know what the intent of a film was or is supposed to be…

    Secondly it has to have incredible craft. At this point for me it’s easy to make sense of the filmmaking choices that are made even when they are invisible but those choices have to make sense for the sake of the story being told (I also mean that for films that intentionally don’t have a story) and not just because it looks or sounds good. Craft also includes the writing, the themes, what it says if it says anything. How much does intent equal execution.

    To be fair I don’t really think of the latter consciously if the former (immersion) is strong.

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