What’s the best way for me to purchase a laptop ?

What’s the best way for me to purchase a laptop ?

I’m an undergraduate student, I want to purchase a decent laptop to support my studies and learn a profitable skill because doing all these things with phone seems really though and it also put burden on my eye sight.
Problem is that I am looking for the cheapest option yet it should be a decent one for students. I don’t want to go for a second hand laptop because last time I bought one and it didn’t worked even a month. So I don’t have any budget, although I have a around 30 k in my bank account,but I don’t want to spend that money because I’m surviving with whatever it is in my bank account ( I’m working on a part time basis too). So Im thinking about going for a emi option but haven’t found any offer yet,I also have a university identity card.please let me know about any scheme, discount or emi offers adaptable for my situation.
TLDR : student want to purchase a laptop on emi options.let me know about any offer going on !

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  2. Instead of buying online, try offline shops. Don’t even think of shopping from Flipkart no matter how attractive the deals may look like.

    FK has completely ruined themselves and it’s a big risk considering your financials.

    Find the best shop in your city, have a few models/specs ready with you and check the deals on them. BARGAIN. Take your mom if you’re not comfortable. Ask for complementary stuff like free mouse or laptop bag.

    Most shops like these do have emi options but it will depend on your credit score as you may have to give some down payment upfront.

    At this point all you need is an i3/R3 with 8 GB of ram and an SSD. Do NOT be swayed by the guy at the shop who will try to upsell you expensive models. Stick to the ones you have noted down before.

    Good luck

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