What’s the scene with indian gaming industry?

What’s the scene with indian gaming industry?

Those who are familiar with gaming have played games like god of war gta etc.So my question is why can’t we create games that can captivate the world?
And why are we limited to only games like pubg and free fire ?

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  1. My understanding is that gaming in India isn’t an “active” or firat-gand hobby, in the sense, no Indian parent will ever encourage you to play CoD or FIFA in your free time. Rather they would force you to do something else even though it’s YOUR leisure time. I know young people who were locked out of their computers or their consoles were sold off to make them focus on studies.

    For the most part, gaming is seen as an evil in the Indian society. Although with the modern generation, this thought is slowly changing but again, there are PLENTY of families where gaming would literally lead to raw punishment.

    Hence, I believe it’s not that India can’t deliver world-class games. It has more to do with the perception of gaming itself. In our country, game development is still a lesser-known career and only select individuals get the opportunity to pursue them on a grand scale.

    Just think of how PUBG/COD/GAFF have stirred Indian parents. Show me one parent who will happily say, “beta tum 10 mins PUBG khello after an intense 1 hour study session.” Most Indian Parents would rather have their children sit idle than play games.

    So, in my perspective, I guess it’s the Indian mindset towards gaming that prevents the system from establishing world-class gaming companies with AAA Titles.

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  3. Check out trailer for Mumbai Gullies on YT. One game developing company is trying for it. No idea if it will ever see the day light.

    It’s not top notch, but at least feels like a step in a right direction.

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