Whats Up with Rajesh Exports??

Whats Up with Rajesh Exports??

Whats Up with Rajesh Export?Bear Cartel?

Below book value, Fortune Global 500 Company, 0.05 Debt to Equity,

Increasing Gold Price shall benifit the company, I am holding since 522, Should I average here?

My Research,

It is a Cyclical Stock from 2015, Oct to Feb are its peak months,
Poor Margin but Constant Profit from years
Volumes at All time High,But price All time Low,

Increasing Gold price shall Benifit this company
Festive Season + Wedding Season + War around the world can Increase price of Gold,

Company also last year Entered into Electric Battery Segment(Lithium ion Battery)
With 5GW GigaFactory in Karnataka

Company does A-Z work in Gold industry, From mining to Selling,
Under the brand name Shubh Jewellers

So why is the stock taking a beat??

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