Whats your opinion on the movie Gulaal? Do you think it would be a hit if released now?

Whats your opinion on the movie Gulaal? Do you think it would be a hit if released now?

Watched it a few years back because of the song “aarambh hai prachand”. Starting of the movie itself sets a strong impression how this movie isnt for kids. A boy in college influenced by everyone around and driven by strong emotions of hate, war and love meeting a tragic end. Kind of showing the reality of people everywhere these days, where everyone is heavily influenced by political and religious propoganda and no one is trying to find the logic or reason, but only an opportunity to wage war and spread hatred.

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  1. First thing first- it would not have been a hit even today. We have lesser patience for such content in cinema.

    Having said that… it is my personal favorite Anurag Kashyap’s movie. I remember thinking about this movie for days. The plot, the acting, the songs, the punch… its all very intense and engrossing…

    The songs were absolutely poetic and apt.. whenever i hear aarambh hai prachand, it reminds me of poems of Dinkar. Shehar hamara so gayo tho is such a hard hitting tragic song.. uff

    From my pov- Anurag has literally hit the ball out of the park with this one…

  2. It’s a brilliant movie. I don’t know about if it had been a hit today but it deserves a watch. The main actor in the movie was the one who wrote the story and movie had a decent screenplay. One of the best works of anurag kashyap. All the performances were above par. I loved the music too.

  3. It would have been more controversial, if released today.

    It is likely that it would not be a hit even today. Such movies rarely work on box office. It was a powerful movie. I wish Kashyap would return to those days.

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