When people older than you address you didi/bhaiya or aunt/uncle

When people older than you address you didi/bhaiya or aunt/uncle

My mother told me yesterday that a man older than her in our neighborhood called her didi. She tells me whenever she has such types of experiences. Sometimes women older than her call her masi.

My father has also experienced things like this a few times. 70 years old.have called him kaka. He doesn’t like it.

Even my bua and fufaji talk about it that how older people have called them kaka and masi.

So, when my mother told me about how a guy older her called her didi. I told her you should have called him beta. This is my all time advice for people who are called auntie/uncle or didi/bhaiya by people older than them. It works on someone a few years younger than you.

The guy I am talking about is old has two married daughters. One is 40 something with five kids. He and his wife sit on a cot all day.

I told my mother you should’ve called him beta and said beta tu toh abhi jawan hai. Tu khatiya Tod na bandh kar aur kaam pe ja.

That’s the advice call them beta and tu and be a little disrespectful to them.

It’s kinda silly but it does hurt when someone older or someone just a few years younger than you addresses you like you are very aged.

Have your parents experienced something like this?

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