Whenever possible, please share the magic of cinema.

Whenever possible, please share the magic of cinema.

Coming back from my FDFS show of Jawan, I was so overwhelmed and happy with the entire experience, I just wanted to share it with someone.

I happened to ask my colleague who drives me that I loved the movie and if he would be interested to take his wife and son and he readily agreed. My wife then asked all our colleagues at home and office and everyone wanted to go.

I quickly realised what I’ve always taken for granted, really isn’t something a lot of people get to experience. (Yeah I know, duh)

A lot of the people who work with me hadn’t been to a theatre in years. For one guy it was his first time. Four guys chose to go together since they didn’t have partners and had a blast. A lady went with her children and they sent us selfies.

Their feedback after watching the movie has made my week. So just wanted to put it out there, Mumbai is an expensive theatre going experience, so whenever possible please try to spread the magic of cinema that is so important for us in the sub. That smile will definitely make your day.

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