Why are we so entitled

Why are we so entitled

Idk why this is becoming so common lately but everyone feels entitled to everything. People are getting too comfortable cutting queues for food, at the airport, flaunting rules and then acting like a smart ass when you politely tell them you’re in line also.

I was recently on a flight and literally twice people pushed me out of the way purposefully to cut queue. Either for food, or even to get on flight lol as if flight is going to leave without you or that if they waited the 2 minutes in queue the shop would suddenly close and they won’t get food 😂 and when I told one boy excuse me I’m also in line he had the guts to say “excused”

I’ve travelled to lot of places and we Indians are the only people who cut queues so blatantly and then make faces when someone asks us not to or stand up immediately as flight lands (which is so dangerous and ignore flight attendants when they ask to sit) idk why everyone thinks they’re so special 🙄

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  1. In other countries cutting queues to get something first or to save your time is seen as a cheap act insulting others in line, in India it’s seen as ‘Jugaad’ Indians promote it as smartness if they could cut the queue and get something first. Our grandparents did it, our parents did it, we learnt from them are doing it wouldn’t be surprised if next generation continues to do it.

  2. Something similar happened in Toronto. Standing in line to get subway tickets in machine. These 2 early 20s couole who looked like they just came from India to Canada, just cut the line stood infront of me. I just tapped the guy on shoulder to get back in line. He gave ugly look and went in line.

    Go to tim hortons, dudes cut line and start talking with cashier like they are standing in some Chai thapri. Not letting other costumers to order.

    Also seen this in job fairs. People will be standing in line, 1 dudes 10 desi friends come in and join him in front of line. When people protest, they say that he was holding line for them and start making scene. Lots of people made tiktoks about how Indians were cutting line, etc.

    No wonder people are being so racist towards us in Canadian instgram and subreddits with this kind of behavior.

  3. We haven’t ‘become’ like this. It’s always been like this. When I refused to cut a line once, my friends said “bro you’re too seedha, namuna, etc”. Once while speaking I casually told my dad about it. He said his friends told the same to him when he was young and didn’t throw out wrappers on the road. This was in the 1980s.

    I think lacking civic sense is an Indian trait and I don’t know if it’ll ever change

    I’m gonna get downvoted max for this. But I don’t care. It is what it is.

  4. Because we have no sense of responsibility towards fellow citizens.

    Because we are not taught to show basic courtesy.

    Because everyone wants to “win” the rat race.

  5. Those people who say overpopulation, survival instinct, etc for not having patience to wait for 10 more minutes in the queue…

    When 2011 Tsunami happened in Japan. Relief material(food and first aid kit) came to their relief camps every 8 hours. The victims quietly stood in queue. Half the people couldn’t get food. They quietly waited for 6 more hours. Others who got the food, shared theirs with the children who didn’t get. Nobody complained.

    We lack civic sense but have AI-like brain to come up with stupid excuses for lacking civic sense.

  6. The biggest mistake our country has done and is still doing is not investing in high-quality public education. My kids go to a public school in an average US suburb, and they don’t just teach math and science. My elementary school kids are taught all kinds of civic etiquette – saying thank you, excuse me, forming queues, not littering, not talking loudly in public, being considerate of neighbors, etc.

    The one politician, Manish Sisodia, who tried revamping our education system in his state, is sitting in jail right now.

  7. I can understand what you are saying.

    I have experienced this myself in airport, hotel, mess, shops and anywhere where we have to make a queue.

    Perhaps, it’s because we are overpopulated, it’s a basic instinct for survival. They think “they should be first” or they will miss out everything.

  8. People feel that their time is more important than others.

    They getting the food first in a lunch queue, boarding first in a flight, even reaching home earlier than others. Rather than understanding that everyone else is just trying to survive and trying to do the same things as them with their own problems.

    Society is getting more self centred. It’s all about you, your feelings, instant gratification, comfort for you, etc. No empathy to spare for others.

  9. Two reasons:

    * People who knew how to act socially have forgotten it due to COVID
    * Newer generation is Digital first and has never experienced social behavioral rules in the past couple of years and think this is the new normal

  10. For a large majority of people, consumerism and hedonism makes feel them pampered and entitled (e.g. the classic “want to speak to your manager” Karen). You don’t have to give people any actual power for them to feel powerful. Just take away the shackles of shame and you can see the animal inside.

    One must not forget that the theory of evolution is not some arcane text in a university library: it is, among many other things, also a description of human behaviour. We behave like animals because we were and are animals, just with a veneer of civility. If the packaging of civility is not applied strongly enough (i.e. lack of parenting, poor upbringing, lack of discipline, lack of exposure to well-mannered groups of people, training in behaving with manners at all times), it quickly falls apart. Not to mention the excessive crowding as well as the influence of social media. We’re simply not used to living such complicated lives as present day demands.

    Try snatching food from an animal’s mouth or plate. That’s the reaction most people give when they don’t get what they want, when they want it.

  11. Haha. This happens a lot. At least with youngish people, if you point them out, they probably adhere, willingly or unwillingly. Older people, especially if it’s a woman with a husband nearby, are the biggest pain. You point out and the husband will be like “Ladies hai”. Toh maine kaunsa khade hokar susu karne bola?

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  13. The only time I’ve had airlines actively verify tickets and turn people away from the aircraft gate is when its a flight to India. No other international flight is it an issue. They call for Group 1. Group 1 will board. Then Group 2. Then Group 3. So on.

    But if its a flight to India? Call Group 1 and its like the entire plane rushes off to try and jam their way in. They know perfectly well its not their group. They’re not up yet. But its like this weird sense of “well they should make an exception for me anyway”

    I think the worst example I saw was on a Virgin flight from London to Delhi. They asked for people in wheelchairs and the elderly to board first, and like the entire waiting area was trying to jam itself in. You had perfectly strapping dudes in their 30s trying to push through. To the point where they actually knocked an old person with a walking stick to the ground. At which point the VA staff stopped boarding, and had to make several announcements telling these idiots to back the fuck off.

    It was completely bizarre. I felt like I was maybe one of three or four Indians who didn’t rush off to the gate. And it was just Indians. The flight had a fair few brits, a couple of people from East Asia and some black people. They *all* sat waiting for their turn.

  14. When I come to India from the US, do you know how I know I have left the western world behind? I go to a restaurant and the queue is not one person standing behind the other person but all of them are standing shoulder to shoulder in a horizontal queue. Like how the heck did we come up with this concept? If we have to talk at the ticketing counter, it’s 10 people standing in a group around the poor chap!!

  15. Last week, at the end of my flight, half of the men leapt onto their feet and opened their overhead luggage compartments even before the plane left the runway.
    As if they have a train to catch once they are out.

  16. Indians generally lacks civic sense even the educated groups too do lack the same, the problem is people don’t have a sense of shame breaking the basic ettique in social situations. Only solution is public shaming but when majority break the rules what can a rule abiding minority can do……

  17. I said something like this about following rules and etiquette and y’all jumped me. Someone even called me an elitist and pro British.

    Why’s is following rules and having manners a colonial thing? I think it’s just basic decency.

  18. Because people have no manners and are uneducated. Doesn’t matter if you’re from an IIM – you’re still a villager with crass behaviour if you don’t have civic sense.

    They’re also intensely self centred and inconsiderate. It’s all in the upbringing – uncouth parents raise uncouth kids. And there are many uncouth parents in the country.

  19. We have to be proud that there are people like you that stand up and explain why cutting queues is cheap. I hope you explain it to them, some people just don’t know what waiting is.

  20. Everytime I visit India I take domestic flight from Delhi to my home town. Without fail I always find some educated smart ass asking to move ahead of us in security. ‘Sir can you please let me go. My flight leaves in 10 min’. Mind you these are early morning flights, therefore you cannot be late because of traffic.
    I have a standard reply for them ‘if the flight is so important to you, you should be here 1 hrs early. I guess you need to miss the flight to learn a lesson’.

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