Why did Tere Naam work whereas Kyon Ki didn’t?

Why did Tere Naam work whereas Kyon Ki didn’t?

Both have similar stories, Kyonki even had better songs but Tere Naam became an iconic movie whereas Kyonki flopped.

What could be the reason?

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  1. **Tere Naam** was like the Kabir Singh of its era.

    A young man like Radhe who is a great fighter but soft-hearted too is someone who most young men – especially those in small towns where there is severe gender segregation – look up to. The heroine was a nice next door girl and obedient wife material who was not irritating. The music was of the old-school 90s type that was not being made back then, it was hugely successful and provided good publicity.

    In short, this kind of story and characters resonated with its predominantly male audience.

    **Kyon Ki**, on the other hand, is not a regular kind of a story. Its lead is already in the psychiatric hospital at the start. Even after the revelation of his back story, it wasn’t as easy for the viewer to identify with his character as it was with Radhe in Tere Naam.

    Its story is entirely ripped off of the American classic **One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest** – which is in the IMDb Top 250, btw – but it is substantially watered down during the transition. The American film’s main theme is individualism fighting against the establishment which worked big time in those days of Vietnam, civil rights struggle and Watergate. However, Kyon Ki simply uses the setup as a jumping off point for a love story between a patient and a doctor and she has a stereotypical villain father we had seen in thousands of Hindi films before.

    Even Himesh’s music had started to sound stale now. Only three months before Kyon Ki’s release, Himesh introduced his singing voice for the first time in the album of Aashiq Banaya Aapne, which was his strategy to prolong his relevance. Unfortunately none of Kyon Ki’s songs were re-recorded in Himesh’s voice and hence the album did not get the benefit of hype around Himesh.

    Also, Kyon Ki had solid competition with Garam Masala and since it was Diwali, audience chose to watch a light-hearted fluffy comedy over a depressing romance.

  2. Bhai turning his bhai mode to the top..a different hairdo, alpha badboy-with-golden-heart who had his redemption arc and a sad ending.
    And a well made movie too. Also, songs were better.

  3. Stories were not similar and Tere Naam suits the bad boy image, it was kind of based on real life.. his anger issues, love issues everything was there for Salman Khan and he nailed it.

  4. Tere Naam had both Salman Khan and Bhumika Chawla performing very well. Kyon ki was let down by the usual bad performance of Kareena.

    Tere Naam had better music that was well received by the audience.

    Priyadarshan was not able to tap the audience in a tragic movie as well as in his comedies. He has some very good emotional films in Malayalam.

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