Why do some people just sit right next to you when the whole bus is empty?

Why do some people just sit right next to you when the whole bus is empty?

This has happened to me multiple times, I travel by public bus which goes mostly empty early in the morning (8 am).

I find myself an empty seat in the back, there’s like 6-7 people in the bus. Then a middle aged uncle drenched in sweat decides to sit right next to me, when 5 rows in front of me, both sides are completely empty. Just why?

I even put my bag in the seat next to me, yet they ask to sit there. Then I have to deal with an uncle coughing and scratching his ear for next 30 mins.

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  1. whenever i felt this.. i just made my voice sharp and said” itni seats khaali nai dikhaayi deti.. vahan jaa k baitho” and if i got any reply back i used to again reply back in louder tone so that other people stare at him to embaress him. I never felt guilty even if he never had bad intentions. If he was fool enough to sit beside a girl even if bus is empty, he deserved it. An i am telling you, 99.9 % its a bad intention.

  2. See tolerance is not the issue but the fact that sometimes the whole bus is empty and still they decide to sit besides us 😂is silly. But anyways it’s a public transport and there’s nothing with the person deciding to sit besides us until they have ill motives or intents. Here in an empty bus they have an option, I don’t understand what makes them sit with us maybe it’s a random thing at times and sometimes a twisted intent. I rather change my seat sometimes.

  3. It is really bad sometimes. While standing in a queue, instead of maintaining some gap, they will come and touch you. Although we have gone through covid, Social distancing is still an alien concept to most Indian people.

  4. Something very similar happened to once
    I was traveling with my friend (both 20/F at that time) to my hometown. It was around 4 in the evening and there were barely 10 people on the bus and everyone was sitting at a reasonable distance away from each other. An uncle got on the bus and chose to sit right behind us despite there being a lot of seats where he could’ve sat away fron us. Throughout the 4 hour journey, he kept kicking our seats from behind ( there was enough leg room and he could’ve easily reclined his seat). Thanks to him we were unable to recline ours and whenever we tried to he would tell us that he didn’t have enough space. The bus conductor too tried to convince him to move somewhere else when he noticed our discomfort but Uncle didn’t budge and kept peeking into our phones through the gap between the seats and didn’t even hesitate to pass remarks or listen to our conversations on the phone. Was extremely creeped out by his behaviour and both of us got down a few stops earlier than our intended one.

  5. You can’t control what others do and there’s no explanation why they do it or why it happens with you.

    When this happens, you should get up and change your seat if you wanna sit alone because there’s already plenty of empty seats.

  6. Are you a female?

    Could explain a middle aged uncle sitting next to you.

    You could just stare at the uncle when he gets in the bus. This way he may not feel comfortable sitting next to you!

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