Why Guide is a masterpiece?

Why Guide is a masterpiece?

Why Guide is a masterpiece?

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  1. This film boasts one of the finest on-screen pairs, exquisite cinematography, brilliant acting, and a fantastic musical score. Overall, it delivers a great cinematic experience.

    I think it meets all the criteria to be considered a masterpiece.

  2. I prefer the book ending but ya this is definitely a masterpiece. The soundtrack, Waheedaji and Dev saabs performance…the entire arc of their relationship is some of the strongest writing for its time exploring infidelity, artistic desire even a touch of empowerment…I argue it does falter towards the end (like I said book is better) but the imagery Vijay Anand conjures especially the surreal sequence of him meeting his soul(?) I want to say is wow…in general Goldie was unrivalled in creating these epic visual moments whether that was for songs or just that scene…the eye for detail is Undeniable…

    Edit: The stuff exploring faith and redemption as well as the falsehood of godmen is amazing but to be honest when I say the ending I mean the fact that the book leaves the answer about faith rewarding the people ambiguous whereas in the film it somewhat reaffirms them and also kind of devalues the critique against godmen I felt personally

  3. Apart from the movie and it’s songs, even the novel is acclaimed and is part of the syllabus of English literature. I too haven’t understood why. Someone please explain. So glad this question was posed

  4. The approach towards women being more than an object to control an aspect that was brought up in those times must have been path breaking …lived Waheeda Rehmans performance

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