Why isn’t anybody talking about the massive raids on independent reporters?

Why isn’t anybody talking about the massive raids on independent reporters?

Newsclick offices, homes of their employees and even the homes of its consultant reporters were raided, their phones, computers and various documents seized, and I am barely seeing any discussion on these topics.
The only place where I am seeing this being mentioned (apart from the social media handles of these journalists) are the so called UPSC channels. And that too they are presenting the news in a manner that’s favorable to the government with the comment section is filled with blind support towards this move and the reporters being declared as anti-nationals.
Even people who are not andh-bhakts seem to be largely silent on this.




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  1. How can a journalist report an event if their office is raided, and why would other journalists report the same event if they know it will provoke a raid?

  2. They 1st came for Muslims then Christians, then Sikhs and everyone stayed silent. Then they came for manipur, now the journalists. There is no one left to protest.

  3. Alt- news channels who do independent journalism are talking about it and questioning the government. Just that you are expecting these bhikao channels to speak up and they won’t as you must be aware they get crores together on ad revenue for licking their boots.

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  4. Man, I’ve been watching Abhisar Sharma since he has started working with Newsclick. There’s has been no such show from him which can be said to further Chinese agenda. This is such a harsh allegation just because they’re questioning govt. What kind of time we’re living in? I hope people realise and throw these f**kers out in the next election.

    To the people who might be rejoiced seeing all this, you guys are just ruining your own children future. You’ll have hard time looking into their eyes and explain for actions. Idc if you’re left or right or whatever shit you call, things are just not right. A beautiful country is dying because of you.

  5. This is just the start. Cricket World Cup is on and BJP is master of news headline management. Agencies are going to go in hyper drive now. Already we see them arresting politicians, ED calling Celebrities etc etc. I believe there are going to be major arrests ahead possibly coinciding with India vs Pakistan match or the semi finals and finals.

  6. they seem to have had ties with china, that is what the government is saying. If true then fuck them they deserve it but if the government did because they were criticising them then fuck them

    ***We don’t know the whole picture so we should take anything with a grain of salt.***

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  8. General Indian public are a bunch of spineless shits… (including me)

    I feel like i would probably take part in protests etc.. if there were any but I’m not really the type to initiate these things. Fwiw…

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