YOLOing Your Salary on Reliance Because Your Chacha Said So: Avoid These Chump Moves as a Newb Investor

YOLOing Your Salary on Reliance Because Your Chacha Said So: Avoid These Chump Moves as a Newb Investor

TL;DR: Don’t blindly follow your unreliable cousin Tapu Sena’s stock tips without knowing what you’re getting into. Learn before you burn your money and end up posting diamond hands memes while crying.

Waddup Degenerates

This is my first post here and i have been a lurker here for a while now and time after time i’ve een the newbies or the noobs do mistakes that you can avoid. I know FOMO is real real when your neighbours are balling out on TataMotors stonks they bought last year. We’ve all been there as first-time degenerate gamblers investors.

# Quit Watching Overhyped Media Stocks

We’ve all seen those hyper stock shows hosted by Actor-Anchor Arnab constantly yelling “Buy! Buy! Buy!” They get paid big bucks by large trading firms (aka operators) to hype mediocre stocks. Don’t fall for that trap – hype ≠ smart investment.

# Use Screeners and Charting Tools

Instead, rely on fact-based stock screeners like [Screener.in](https://Screener.in), Tickertape, Trendlyne etc to find potential picks based on quantitative filters like financial ratios, technical indicators etc. Learn to chart and analyze historical trends as well. Data > Noise.

# Brush Up on Reading Financial Docs

Don’t get intimidated by the alphabet soup of terms like debt-to-equity, EPS, ROCE, CAGR etc. Spend time reading annual reports and learning basic business analysis frameworks. Then DCF models and cash flow statements won’t look like alien hieroglyphics anymore.

The goal here isn’t to transform you into a Series 7 quants pro, but avoid making easily avoidable mistakes by arming yourself with some basic concepts and tools. We all start as know-nothing newbies in the beginning!

After all of this, if you still want to rely on Telegram bots and twitter tips then its on you. Even if you are trading or investing or buy and holding, you still need to use tools and take decisions based on the information.

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