Zerodha Kite: Feature request

Zerodha Kite: Feature request

Kamath bros are milking us enough, so I will be bold enough to request certain feature requests / improvements for Android app:

1. **Console**, the most important feature of the app for various reports should be in-app experience and not a re-direct to a browser window
2. Same with IPO feature, it should be in-app
Also, blend the UI of console with other app elements
3. We gamblers love to see our money view in visualisations, maybe add graphs showing P&L for various time frames (clone it from Robinhood probably)
4. Why no kill-switch in app? Why only in web version?
5. Allow me to add more watch-lists (currently only 7 max watchlist)

It may make app experience a bit bulky, but optimisation is what we pay for

Don’t wish to switch to other brokers yet


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